White Night Ballarat is planned with accessibility in mind. Here is what you need to know about accessibility at the event.

White Night is an accessible event and welcomes people of all ages, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people who are LGBTQIA+ and people who have a lived experience of disability.

We recognise that the experience of disability and accessibility is diverse and unique to individuals and that artists and audience members still face barriers to access.  We have strived to remove as many barriers to accessibility as we can.


White Night Ballarat is an accessible event. All venues are accessible, and road closures will be in place to make it easier for people to move between key locations.

For accessibility information relating to specific venues around Ballarat, please check out the Visit Ballarat website


Event specific accessibility information is located in the description of each program element here.

Aural Rating

  • Aural Rating 75% – the event is primarily sound-based, with visuals only incidental to the work
  • Aural Rating 50% – the event has both sound and visual components, but sight is not essential to engage with the work

Visual Ratings

  • Visual Rating 100% – contains no music or dialogue or is open captioned so Deaf or hard of hearing audiences can engage fully with the work
  • Visual Rating 75% – works with this rating may have music or sounds in the background or be fully captioned providing access to spoken word
  • Visual Rating 50% – may have music or sounds in the background or may be partly open captioned or scripts and descriptions are given to the audience before the event on request

Physical Access

Event and artwork listings show this wheelchair symbol when the venue has been identified as wheelchair accessible, though some spaces may have uneven surfaces.  If the wheelchair symbol is not shown, access may be partial.


The City of Ballarat provides a mobility map to help people with limited mobility navigate the city with ease. Keep in mind that the situation on the night may vary – for instance some facilities may not be available due to event infrastructure, road closures or traffic management.



Parking is limited around the event precinct and attendees are encouraged to make the most of public transport to and from the event. White Night Ballarat attendees requiring accessibility information and assistance can visit the PTV website to learn more about Accessible transport, or phone 1800 800 007.


The City of Ballarat’s mobility map provides information about accessible parking, including a list of council-provided on-street parking spaces for holders of Disabled Persons’ Parking Permits. But note that road closures and traffic management measures will be in place for the event, and some car parks and on-street parking spaces in the city centre will not be available.  Parking is available on a first come basis and cannot be reserved.

View the map and list of road closures for more information.


The Victorian Taxi Directorate has information regarding travelling with a disability, including wheelchair-accessible taxis and travelling with assistance animals. A taxi rank will operate outside Her Majesty’s Theatre in Lydiard Street on the night of the event.


The City of Ballarat’s mobility map provides information about accessible toilets in the city centre.  Parent facilities also available in the accessible toilets.

Additional temporary accessible toilets will also be available during the event. A map showing the locations of accessible toilets is available here.