Aussie Melting Pot

Lou Callow

Image by Lou Callow

As Australians living in such a diverse country we have much to reflect on, be grateful for, and celebrate.

Aussie Melting Pot is a mixture of quirky icons, symbols and rituals designed to evoke humour, curiosity and stimuli for remembering ‘who we are’ and ‘what it means’ to be Australian. It’s like magic – a craft of mixed media, a splash of fluorescent colour and black light; add into the mix familiar objects, and enter the fantasy landscape of the Aussie Melting Pot.

At a deeper level, Aussie Melting Pot hopes to raise awareness and challenge our commitment to Mother Earth, our country and respect for all living things.

Aussie Melting Pot is a collaborative expression of all things weird and wonderful about life in rural Australia.