Fiona Marshall

Chiaroscuro is a collection of light shades made from kelp and seaweed as a result of a journey of observation, wondering, pondering, questioning and eventually experimenting. It is a comment on the natural world, which – despite our taking it for granted and abuse of it – keeps on giving.

Remember swimming in the ocean as a child and trying not to panic as you became entangled in the sinewy, translucent, slimy mass of seaweed swaying with the movement of the water? Or cutting your foot on sharp scrap of dried-out kelp on the beach? The speed of the transformation from one form to the other is an impressive display of the fragility of life and the environment.

Acknowledging and respecting the nature of the material and working with it, finding its possibilities and limits, has resulted in a collection of individual, robust pieces, so different from seaweed and kelp as we know it. They glow warmly in an array of colours and the inner surfaces can be completely different again. MAGIC!