Pauline O’Shannessy-Dowling

Image by Pauline O'shannessy-Dowling

The Australian bush takes centre stage and wows our senses like never before in Dreamscape, reminding us that our natural environment packs a punch when it comes to igniting our senses and our dreams.

In this humorous and colourful interpretation of the environment becomes the focus of the story, and has the agency to recreate itself, without human intervention. There is barely a whiff of the human footprint or the built environment in this quirky and colourful landscape. It’s almost as if we humans barely exist!

The narrative behind this playful work reminds us that we humans simply don’t always take centre stage. Ancient and intelligent ecosystems have the capacity to survive, flourish and adapt, and indeed, show us what is truly beautiful, joyful and playful.

Be careful – we may become redundant!