From Feelings


  • 7pm–2am
  • Corner of Armstrong and Sturt Streets
    Ballarat Central
  • Projection/Film

From Feelings invites you into imagery that gives hints and glimmers of the human spirit created by the artists’ discovery of moments inspired by the theme ‘a spark’.

From Feelings is a play on words that captures the most beautiful and intense moments. A string of imagery, with no particular beginning or end, building layers that portray a reflection of the theme. Spark-love, flicker-hope, touch-sensation, fragment-fear, whisper-memory, flame-kindle. This work plays with the meaning of words and how they affect our feelings.

Created by the collaboration of over 20 artists, including filmmakers, photographers, performers and visual artists, the work will demonstrate the use of various art mediums.

Cut-outs, stop animation, portraits, clay, objects, painting and movement are woven into and throughout the film. Silent flicks and noir are also an influence in the production and creation of this work.