Infinite Phantasm

Hayden Dewar & Julian Lawrence

  • 7pm–2am
  • Myer façade
    31 Armstrong Street South
    Ballarat Central
  • Projection/Film

Image by Hayden Dewar

The humble sketchbook has long been a place where an artist’s imagination is truly free. Infinite Phantasm takes this one step further by turning a book of continuous drawings into a unique animation that is surreal, dream-like and beautifully bizarre.

What started as muralist & visual artist Hayden Dewar’s continuous sketchbook (where each page interconnects with the last) became an animated video project when animator & VFX artist Julian Lawrence collaborated with Hayden to bring this stream of consciousness book of drawings to life.

It is with great excitement that these two worlds now collide to see Infinite Phantasm projected on a large scale for the White Night Ballarat audience.