The Man Who Cannot Sleep

Magic Lantern Studio and Sanctum Theatre

Image by Gonzalo Varela

A giant head sits on a street corner. He comes from the future and has woken up in the past, our present. He does not want to fall asleep again because he does not want to return to the devastated land of the future. Throughout the night he witnesses our revelry, us naive Lilliputians, and cannot believe his eyes.

A spectacular surrealist performance combining puppetry and projection, The Man Who Cannot Sleep is a gargantuan emissary from the world of dreams, dreams that manifest to reveal a hidden reality, an ode to a civilisation on the verge of collapse.

Conceived by Magic Lantern Studio’s Gonzalo Varela and realised in collaboration with Sanctum Theatre’s Artistic Director Lachlan Plain, The Man Who Cannot Sleep premieres at White Night 2018.

Also appeared at White Night Melbourne.