the indirect Object with A Blanck Canvas

Image by Beth McMahon, the indirect Object

Step into a world of giant cocoons, where only your touch will awaken their silent singing and broadcast their harmonies to the world.

Metamorphosis is an installation landscape of giant, glowing, musical cocoons. Enter in, reach out and make contact to discover their unique sonic personalities. From realistic insect clicks, chirps and chatters to distorted sci-fi resonance, Metamorphosis is the meeting place of nature and technology.

Inspired by the intricate wonders of the insect world, the cocoons of Metamorphosis are invisibly interconnected. As you explore, you may see a ripple of light pulse through many, or hear the whole field respond in harmony. We are all connected. The cocoons are symbols of hope, and growth; the metamorphosis that is possible when we live in harmony with our community and nature.

Also appeared at White Night Melbourne.