Oasis Virtual Reality

Oasis VR

Throughout White Night Ballarat, Oasis Virtual Reality will present an unforgettable experience using Wireless HTC VIVE headsets. Users will be set up with Google Tiltbrush, a “Painting” software that allows them to create picturesque 3D paintings in the virtual space around them. Explore custom pre-loaded environments from local artists or create your own to share with friends and family.

Music from a live DJ will play through the earpieces of the headset melding with the artwork to create an interactive and vibrant display. The experience will be highly immersive, with onlookers able to join in on what the headset users are painting. A safe space will also be made around the user to ensure an uninterrupted experience. Various 3D models from famous games and movies will be available around the store for viewers to play with and take photos with their friends.