Playlists for Heartbreaks

Tegan Lang/Wheelhouse

Photo by Amy Tsilemanis and Julian Potter

Who totally eclipsed your heart? Why did they have to be such a heartbreaker? Did they ever say ‘I’m sorry’?

In the privacy of a public space, inspired by dive bars, neon and big hair, and centred on the illuminated jukebox, it’s your turn to hear your song. Use the request line in the lead up, or try your luck out on the night to hear your ultimate heartbreak song. Big feelings, ballads, mega pop, navel gazey, longing and big bangers will be the backdrop to commemorating and sharing all the feels you’ve ever felt.

Playlists for Heartbreaks is a conceptual work presented as an installation and experience that explores how popular culture enhances, disrupts and celebrates personal identification during times of relationship upheaval. Ballarat residents and visitors’ participation in the playlist is aimed at providing an authentic experience to celebrate and commiserate collectively. This work plays with lust, longing and heartbreak, and thumps out the question: what really will last forever?


Presented by Central Square Ballarat