Random Number Generator

Christine Tammer & Erin McCuskey

Image by Carly Haddad and Erin McCuskey

Ballarat’s newest venue is not what it seems. Behind the glitz and allure of the façade, a clock without hands spins endlessly, lights turn on and off and the walls surround the visitor with menace. The audience become a shadow of themselves; while seated in front of the projections, they become the gambler.

Random Number Generator is a multi-channel film installation, featuring songs from the new cabaret The Venue, created by Christine Tammer. Musically, the work takes inspiration from the sounds of the poker machines with echoes of Brecht, and visually, the work of Fellini. It draws the audience into the garish nightmare of a pokies venue and reveals their unconscionable underpinnings: the deception by design and the promise of winning and a better life, when in fact they entrap and enslave.

You’ll be sorry you ever stepped foot in the place!