Spidergoat & The Insect Electro

Kathy Holowko

  • 7pm–2am
  • White Box Studio
    Adjacent to the Black Box Theatre
    Federation University Camp Street campus
    Ballarat Central
  • Installation/Visual Art

Image by Frankie Sergi

In a tangle of light, sound and sculpture, this installation is like walking through a storybook.

But this is no fairytale – it’s eerie, absorbing, and downright bizarre.

Light-filled cocoons with synchronised and synthesized insect percussion lead you through the installation. As you navigate along the winding path, you unravel an unusual and thought-provoking story about insect silk … told almost entirely with wool.

The quest to obtain or replicate the qualities of spider silk reveals unusual methods of research in science – from across the ages and into the contemporary transgenic era. What is revealed is hard to believe, but it is a true story! Belying its beauty, this work reflects on the ethics of nature falling under the gaze of industrial biologists and the growing possibilities of the synthetic kingdom being grafted onto the tree of life.

Sound and lighting: Pierre Proske, Sensory Empire