The Sunken Garden

Jane Burton

  • 7pm–12am
  • Art Gallery of Ballarat
    40 Lydiard Street North
    Ballarat Central
  • Exhibition

A Phantom Lover, Jane Burton 2019

In this new series of work commissioned by the Art Gallery of Ballarat, Burton focuses on a particular landscape of the Central Highlands Region that she was drawn to: ‘a hidden place that one must walk into for some distance, crossing a kind of psychic threshold’.

‘Inside, by a vast reservoir of water, dead trees once submerged now surface due to drought, their limbs like bones worn clean by the elements. Indeed, it seemed to me that I was standing in a cemetery, where once great trees had perished in stricken and mournful postures.

‘I had the sensation of having passed into a mythical underworld, into a realm between earth and water and sky.’

Part of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale 2019