UKI: Utility Kinetic Insect

Make Mob

UKI: Utility Kinetic Insect at the Eclipse Festival 2017. Photo: John Palmer

After flying all the way to the USA to take on the Burning Man and Global Eclipse Gathering crowds in Nevada and Oregon, Melbourne’s own UKI: Utility Kinetic Insect has returned home and is set to wow White Night visitors.

Inspired by the resilient biological life in the harsh Australian outback, UKI is a mutant insectoid 4×4 with an exposed metallic exoskeleton and aerodynamic wings that span more than six metres. Throughout her wings and body are LED arrays highlighting the majestic aspects of her overall design, and popping with colour and sound when activated. Stimulated by her immediate environment, UKI moves with lifelike motion, responding with rhythmic music and light and welcoming interaction from passers-by.

7pm–7.30pm: UKI ambient music state
7.30pm–8.30pm: Spoonbill (Downtempo set)
8.30pm–10.30pm: Monkey Marc (DJ set)
10.30pm–12.30pm: Kodiak Kid
12.30pm–1.30am: Big Bank Hank
1.30am–2am: UKI ambient music state