Edwina Combe

Image by Edwina Combe

A unique photographic work using images that have been carefully produced over the span of more than two years, using only analogue cameras and no digital editing. The distinctiveness of each image is created by modifying the 35mm film and lenses, as well as through hand-making cameras. The meditative and drawn-out nature of the creative process is reflected by a darkroom-inspired installation and the slow transition between each photograph.

Like a horizon it signifies endings and beginnings, as well as qualities of liminality and ambiguity.

The photos themselves are sometimes familiar and other times they resemble blurs or dreamlike distortions. They aim to capture not just imagery but rather a subtle sense of their creation and the moment.

This project is curated and originally presented by Enlighten: A Festival of Projection, a City of Greater Bendigo Event occurring in the lead up to White Night Bendigo.

Enlighten: A Festival of Projection is supported by the Regional Centre for Culture Program, a Victorian Government initiative in partnership with the Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation and the City of Greater Bendigo.