Image Credit: Projection Ian Scott, Photograph Doug Andrews – Enlighten 2016

75 Percent Visual Content
Wheelchair Accessible
Guide Dog Accessible
Language No Barrier

Watch closely as the walls of the iconic Conservatory, one of the city’s treasured cultural assets, explode with bold colour and extraordinary ideas.  Across three projection artworks, CONSERVATORY explores themes of culture, identity, place and inclusivity.  

Chaos is a collaboration between dramaturge Irene Holub, filmmaker Ramas McRae and members of the Bendigo Deaf community.

Inspired by the “awakening of the lion” in the traditional Chinese lion dance ritual, 醒時 (Awakening) is a dynamic experimental video art installation. 

In  The Eye of the Sky, circular mandalas rotate, zoom in and out, and fade across different sites.  Each mandala animation represents a bird’s eye view of sites of significance within Bendigo and its surrounds. 

Each work has been created in collaboration with the surrounding community, by and for the people of Bendigo.  


CHAOS: Irene Holub​ (Dramaturge/Director), ​Ramas McRae (Filmmaker/Film Editor)​, Elise Stewart (Actor), Mr Sherri Harrison-Donnelly (Actor)

醒時 (AWAKENING): Derek Ho, Derrick Duan

THE EYE OF THE SKY: Akhila Fernando, Paul Fleture