Going with the flow: A fusion of things

Tashara Roberts

Image by Tashara Roberts

An abstract representation of journey and arrival; the merging of cultures in Australia. In particular, the fusion of Aboriginal culture with western culture, but also the intermingling of both cultures with other cultures, as a result of multiculturalism and globalisation. This work is a celebration of this convergence.

Aboriginal LORE is unchanging, but as a result of colonisation, multiculturalism, globalisation and industrialisation, our culture has evolved. This work celebrates our living culture that is still alive and strong despite merging with multiple cultures. This work celebrates cross-cultural learning and understanding; the embracing of diversity. It is about building alliances instead of enemies. Replacing hate with love and exploring notions of friendship with the other.

This work also investigates identity and poses some questions: Who are we as people with Aboriginal heritage today? Or more importantly, who do we want to be? Our evolving culture, our lore, our communities and the western world all project expectations onto each of us regarding who we are meant to be as an Aboriginal Australian and what it is that makes a person an Aboriginal.

This project is curated and originally presented by Enlighten: A Festival of Projection, a City of Greater Bendigo Event occurring in the lead up to White Night Bendigo.

Enlighten: A Festival of Projection is supported by the Regional Centre for Culture Program, a Victorian Government initiative in partnership with the Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation and the City of Greater Bendigo.