Room 264

Brodie Rowlands

Mostly without dialogue, Room 264 tells the story of a woman who arrives in a foreign environment and is alone in her motel room. Left to her own thoughts, she falls deeper into a state of unreality and she grapples with the moments that have led to her to this place. She looks in the mirror, but she doesn’t recognise herself. As she falls further into this state, the room around her comes to life and the line between reality and imagination blur. It raises notions of the expectations of womanhood and the conflicting struggle that can lie at the rejection of these ideas and evokes a reaching for a sense of self and familiarity in the midst of an unfamiliar terrain.

The piece was built through a collaboration where a physical and dramaturgical language was developed between Brodie and Na to construct a work that they both intuitively understood. Using a loose script, they improvised the work in one day in a motel near Tullamarine airport, along with cinematographer Alice Stephens, two crew members and the sound designs of ZĀN. They built the story of the character’s relationship to the room as they discovered it for themselves.