A Man, a Bike and a Piano

Scott Hone & Ania Reynolds

A piece of exploratory, improvisational, durational art, featuring the two recognisably familiar elements of BMX riding and piano playing in an unusual and unexpected context.

What arises when two performers find themselves in a space together with nothing more than a floor large enough to ride a BMX around, and a piano to play?

Without props, set, elaborate costume and theatrical lighting design, the performance is stripped back to the bare elements of BMX riding and piano playing.

Two unique elements establishing themselves in the performance space; what relationships and interplay emerge?

Scott performs his BMX warm-up and technical exercises leading up to various BMX tricks as Ania plays a score that is largely improvised, responding to the movements, tempo and dynamic of the BMX in the space.

What effect does the piano score have on the constant bike riding, technical drills and tricks? Similarly, what visual information does the BMX riding lend to the piano score?

In this slightly abstract, stripped back performance, the audience is free to imagine and contemplate. The relationship between the performers? Imagined narratives? What stories emerge –if any at all?


Keep an eye on the Skate Park for pop-up performances by Scott on his BMX throughout the night!