Capitalism Works For Me! True/False

Steve Lambert

Image by Bryony Jackson

Prompted by a cheerful retro billboard sign, cast your vote on whether capitalism works for you! Boldly capitalising on the language of advertising, US artist Steve Lambert creates a space to evaluate and talk about ‘the system’ and how it might be better. Wired for instant update, Lambert’s electronic scoreboard registers visitors’ votes via a nearby panel with two buttons: True and False.

We talk about capitalism constantly using terms like ‘job creation’ or ‘the business climate’, and discussing whatever crisis is at hand – housing, financial, employment or whatever… We focus on the symptoms – but why not take the leap and discuss the problems themselves?

Optimistic or downbeat? Confident or cynical? Ideas for reform? Capitalism Works For Me! True/False is both a provocation and a conversation. Now’s your chance to have a say.

Presented by Arts House.