Groundplane Opera City

Anne Scott Wilson & Cameron Bishop

Groundplane Opera City is a public performance event that is multi-artform, fleeting, critical and innovative. Two opera singers sing love songs in the languages of Geelong’s migrant communities, from English to Macedonian, to resonate with the architecture of the space and with contemporary culture – evident in a climaxing cacophony of poetry, Macedonian rhythm and Ford mustang revs – arriving at a crescendo, an ambient hum that blends voice, machine, city and senses.

Groundplane Opera City is a multi-platform, multi-artform performance work that extends on the work done in #VACANTGeelong, a Deakin University research project that intervenes in the de-industrialisation and reimagination of the city of Geelong. Visualise people and place, industry and art, carparks and opera, performing together to jam expectations and clash cultures. Occupying a carpark in the centre of Geelong, this city stage space will host a call and response opera, spoken word, projections, high RPMs, street poetry and low art in a production that celebrates Geelong’s industrial and migrant histories, and the communities they created. The work draws on a love of machine, of each other, of song and circumstance to point towards a future and a city activated by people.

Performed by Anne Scott Wilson and Cameron Bishop.