Alexander Mitchell

“I’m afraid of the deep sea. To me it represents something eldritch, dark and wholly separate from everything I understand.

“It’s generally asserted, by symbolists and psychologists, that deep sea represents the subconscious. Is that what causes my sense of unease? Or is it something deeper, something weirder? I regularly face my subconscious and explored my mind, in my psychonautic travels I’ve never felt anything like the nagging feeling of distrust that I get when contemplating the deep sea.

“I think there’s more to it. I think that there is something beyond what the symbolists and psychologists have established. There’s more to be explored. Or at least there is, in my particular case.

“Nautilus, a large-scale installation for White Night Geelong, is my attempt to find out more about the psychological symbolism inherit in the deep sea. A combination of physical and augmented reality art, this work hopes to contribute to our symbolic language.

“I like working with augmented reality. Instead of the art meaning being exposited through a dry essay, augmented reality means that people use their phones to interact with a hidden layer of artwork and find a punchline.” Alexander Mitchell

Download the EyeJack app from the App Store or Google Play to access the AR component of this work.