Selfie Station

Georgie Pinn

This unique installation offers the audience the opportunity for a White Night Geelong selfie taken inside an interactive photo booth and then projected live onto the adjacent building, much larger than life and framed inside a unique picture of a train journey.

Family and friends will also be able to snap their photo booth moment when it’s projected live onto the building, offering your moment of fame!

Presented by Regional Rail Revival.

The $1.75 billion Regional Rail Revival program is a joint initiative of the Australian and Victorian governments and will upgrade stations, signalling and track across Victoria. Regional Rail Revival is a once-in-a-generation investment that will deliver major upgrades to every regional passenger line in Victoria and create over 1000 jobs. Rail Projects Victoria is responsible for its planning and implementation, on behalf of the Victorian Government. Regional Rail’s collaboration with Georgie Pinn, a cutting-edge multimedia artist, generates an emotional interactive experience, focusing on the idea of daydreaming through the beauty of the Victorian landscape by train.