White Night Reimagined is planned with accessibility in mind. Information about the venues and parklands that form White Night Reimagined will be displayed here.


White Night Reimagined is an accessible event. All parks and gardens and cultural institutions are accessible, and traffic management measures will be in place to make it easier for people to move between key locations.


The City of Melbourne provides a mobility map to help people with limited mobility navigate the CBD with ease. Keep in mind that the situation on the night may vary – for instance some facilities may not be available due to event infrastructure or traffic management.


White Night Melbourne attendees requiring accessibility information and assistance can visit the PTV website to learn more about Accessible transport, or phone 1800 800 007 with TTY on 03 9619 2727.


City of Melbourne’s website provides information about accessible parking, including a list of council-provided on-street parking spaces for holders of Disabled Persons’ Parking Permits. But note that road closures and traffic management measures will be in place for the event, and some car parks and on-street parking spaces in the CBD will not be available.

Please see the following maps for full details of road closures and tow away zones during the event period

Road Closures Timings

From 5:30pm, Thursday 22 August – 12:30am, Friday 23 August 2019

From 5:30pm, Friday 23 August – 12:30am, Saturday 24 August 2019

From 5pm, Saturday 24 August – 4am, Sunday 25 August 2019

Road Closures Map for Thursday 22 August & Friday 23 August

Road Closures for Saturday 24 August

Tow Away Zones

From 12:01am, Thursday 22 August – 7pm, Saturday 24 August 2019

Tow Away Zones (from 12:01am, Thursday 22 August – 7pm, Saturday 24 August)


The Victorian Taxi Directorate has information regarding travelling with a disability, including wheelchair-accessible taxis and travelling with assistance animals.


Refer to the precinct maps which include locations for toilets. Accessible toilet/amenities are located in the temporary toilet blocks.

Birrarung Marr

Accessible toilets are located adjacent to the Information Hub.

Carlton Gardens

Accessible toilets are located near the food trucks and inside the Melbourne Museum.

Treasury Gardens

Accessible toilets are locared near Lansdowne Street, north of the food trucks.


To enter Cocoon there is a platform of five stairs to climb, followed by a climb through a 1 metre hole into the rope netting. The netting sits at around 50-100cm depending on the tension of the netting.

Contains loud music/noise and strobe or similar lighting effects.

Entry is through a slit in the side of the structure that opens to around 130cm above the ground.

Pollution Pods
There are hanging plastic strips at the entrance to the installation and in the doorways between each pod.

GlobeThe Odd PlatoonOdd Platoon DrummersHeliosphereCyclo IlluminatoWhat Lies BeneathThe ElementalsThe Sleep KeepersSwan SistersThe Hopefuls
Performers may engage in light audience interaction.