Amigo & Amigo

The Cocoon is a portal to help facilitate connection and growth, and a reminder that we are not alone – we are always surrounded by people and possibilities.

Contribute your heartbeat to the external lights, or be adventurous and crawl inside of the Cocoon, allowing yourself to be held in its immersive, floating embrace. Sit, surrounded by a symphony of heartbeats collected from friends, family and strangers.

Relax, recline, and rebuild yourself inside the safety and energy of this beautifully woven form. Take your time to absorb the living, animated pulses flowing up and around you into the heart of the Cocoon. When you are ready, emerge transformed.


Accessibility note: To enter Cocoon there is a platform of five stairs to climb, followed by a climb through a 1 metre hole into the rope netting. The netting sits at around 50-100cm depending on the tension of the netting.