DAE White Night, State Library Victoria & The Electric Canvas

#CreateArtHistory is a projection celebrating the finalists and winning artists of the #CreateArtHistory competition, presented by State Library Victoria and independent art marketplace Redbubble.

DAE White Night and The Electric Canvas combine to animate these extraordinary artworks across the State Library façade, bringing to life images of magic, wondrous creatures and beautiful botany.

Presented by State Library Victoria.

Redbubble artists
Explore by Natasha Sim, WINNER
Victoria by Frank Moth, 2ND PLACE
Fantastic Botanical by Paul Summerfield, 3RD PLACE
Create Art History by Laura Borio
Magical Creature Folk Art (Lamia) by Anna Bucciarelli
Birth by Hector Mansilla
X Marks the Spot by James Ormiston
Paradise Corrupt by Liis Roden
Whimsical Pop Botanical Flea by Rendra
The Blossoming of Venus by Mathijs Vissers