Le Bal des Luminéoles 2

Christophe Martine

Photo copyright: Porté par le Vent

Direct from Paris, the home of Nuit Blanche, Le Bal des Luminéoles are imaginary illuminated birds with graceful wings. As they dance in the wind, bringing a radiance and a poetic atmosphere to the air, they spread colours across the night sky.

Puppeteering pilots and helium light kites combine in Le Bal des Luminéoles, forming an enchanting aerial ballet that will fascinate and exhilarate. As the luminéoles pirouette above brightly lit flowers on the ground (out of which the pilots grow), they create an immersive choreography of light and vision that invites spectators near and far to dream and delight.

LesBal des Luminéoles were created by Porté par le Vent for the 2012 Fête des Lumières in Lyon.