Palace of the Republic

Louise Paramor

Louise Paramor
Studies for a Boomtown 2016 (detail)
dimensions variable
© Louise Paramor

Palace of the Republic presents new paper sculptures and a range of plastic assemblages made over the past decade by the Melbourne artist Louise Paramor.

Commissioned by the NGV especially for this exhibition, the new works bring a ‘modernist funk’ to the ‘baroque sensibility’ evident in her original paper sculptures, first adopted in her Lustgarten series of 1999.

The resulting installation conveys Paramor’s exuberant sense of play and experimentation with colour, volume and scale. The title of this exhibition and Paramor’s new series refers to the now demolished seat of the German Democratic Republic, a socialist beacon which was situated opposite the original Lustgarten, or ‘pleasure garden’, site on Museum Island in Berlin.

The starting point for Paramor’s new works were the forms and colours of her recent Boomtown and Supermodel series of plastic sculptures, which can also be seen as part of this exhibition.