Arts Centre Melbourne

Photo: Jia Jia Chen

Arts Centre Melbourne and curator Sophia Brous present an awe-inspiring, unrepeatable event celebrating the supersensory impact of drone, as part of Supersense Festival.

A musical form stretching back to the earliest expressions of humankind, drone music has persisted like an infinite thread linking music across history. From the digeridoos of Indigenous Australia, to the ritual ragas of Southeast Asia, on to Europe, Africa and the Middle East, it has continued to thrive – in the blinding revelations of The Velvet Underground, to the ecstatic pulse of techno, rock n roll, ambient music, spiritual jazz and 20th century minimalism.

Set within the underground labyrinth of Art Centre Melbourne, SUPERDRONE features a secret line-up of extraordinary artists performing a continuous concert of magnificent vibration in a grand, immersive nod to the timeless impact of drone music.

SUPERDRONE – a free performance installation of sheer power and transcendence – is a Supersense event created for White Night Reimagined.