Tara the Liberator

Peter Iseli

What the world needs now is kindness and compassion – the qualities and power of Tara, the female Buddha. She comes in different colours and poses, and is considered a Buddhist feminist icon. Indeed, Taras are like Wonder Woman: peaceful, beautiful, strong, fearless and quick to help others.

Offering peace in the midst of chaos, Peter Iseli’s stunning, 14-metre high Tara thangka (painting) will inspire all who see it. Commissioned by Lama Zopa Rinpoche and taking Iseli four years to complete, it features 21 Taras with a gigantic green Tara in the centre. Each of the 21 Taras has a special power to help us – to live a long life, to achieve prosperity or relationship harmony, or to protect us from jealousy, anger, sickness or troublemakers.

The thangka is so huge, Iseli had to paint it in sections and even he has not yet seen it completely unfurled. It will debut in full at White Night Melbourne, with meditations and Tara mantra recitations running throughout the event. Offerings of flowers and incense welcome.

Tara the Liberator is an act of love and a gift of hope, available to anyone of any belief and way of life.