White Night at Melbourne Museum

Melbourne Museum

Copyright Cesur Sanli 2017
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Source & Photographer: Cesur Sanli

As the city comes alive with Australia’s only all-night celebration of culture and creativity, start your family adventuring early at Melbourne Museum.

In Dynamic Earth, proudly supported by Rio Tinto, you’ll see rare and beautiful minerals, giant crystals, uncut diamonds and gold nuggets – some of which even glow in the dark! Marine Life covers how Victoria’s marine creatures use camouflage, speed, poisons and spines to evade predators, and is the only place you can witness the battle of the titans: a sperm whale versus a giant squid!

Dinosaur Walk presents skeletons of 17 prehistoric animals including ten dinosaurs, three pterosaurs, one mammal-like reptile and Australian megafauna. Meanwhile, 600 Million Years will show you the origin of life in Victoria as it moved from sea to land, and diversified into the astonishing diversity of animal life we know today – over 600 specimens of which are featured in Wild. As for insects, visit Bugs Alive! to confront your fears of creepy-crawlies or simply behold the marvels of the invertebrate world.

More than just a night of fun. This is an adventure.